We help businesses and investors create value, save costs and be more efficient through strategic real estate development and management.


Property Development & Management

HF International specializes in residential homes from finding the right land/home through the construction phase to the final closing of the property. All our projects are innovative and apply the highest levels of energy efficiency and construction.

Our team of experts provides all the aspects of finding the right home or land, the construction and closing and final sale of the property.



HF Management was founded with the philosophy of integrating superb construction with innovative design. With a combination of an in house design studio and experienced builders, the possibilities of any hospitality project are limitless.

Our aim is to complete our projects with the best possible care and quality. We truly believe that both client and the hospitality brand deserve a high standard of professionalism and cooperation during a project. Our work ethic is strongly based on the importance of detailed supervision of operations. The principals of Land Corp Group personally oversee all projects directly. We value the good relationships we have developed with our clients, brand partners, consultants, contractors and suppliers. 

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